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Person definition of person by The Free Dictionary.
iemand pessoa osoba die Person person persona isik henkilö personne, osoba, pojedinac személy orang persóna, manneskja persona asmuo, mogus cilvks; persona orang persoon, iemand menneske, person osoba pessoa persoan osoba oseba osoba person kimse, kii; ngi. a person's' body. He never carried money on his person with him; in his pockets etc.
Person Wikipedia.
1 2 3 4 The defining features of personhood and consequently what makes a person count as a person differ widely among cultures and contexts. In addition to the question of personhood, of what makes a being count as a person to begin with, there are further questions about personal identity and self: both about what makes any particular person that particular person instead of another, and about what makes a person at one time the same person as they were or will be at another time despite any intervening changes.
What is person? definition and meaning
Use person in a Sentence. I didn't' know if the company found the right person for the job because he spent a lot of time chatting with the women on his team and not working. 20 people found this helpful.
When to Use People vs. Persons Merriam-Webster.
And The New York Times Manual of Style and Usage now also states Use people as the plural of person, although they add that persons may still be used in certain settings letters to the editor, in untranslated texts, in direct quotations and in a few established idioms like displaced persons and missing persons bureau.
Person, persons or people? English Grammar Today Cambridge Dictionary.
Grammar Easily confused words Person, persons or people? from English Grammar Today. We use person in the singular to refer to any human being.: Joel is such a nice person. Shes a person I have a lot of respect for.
PERSON noun American English definition and synonyms Macmillan Dictionary.
The form persons is used only in specialized contexts, especially in laws and legal documents, police reports, and public notices.: The coroners verdict was murder by a person or persons unknown. American definition and synonyms of person from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.
PERSON meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
Selective recall from the set of available autobiographical memories may also be seen as a type of reconstruction of a person's' history. From the Cambridge English Corpus. Living in such a neighbourhood may contribute to problematic relationships, and receiving scant support from children reduces an older person's' opportunities to live elsewhere.
person Wiktionary.
when the young ladies laughed at her for it, she replied, that it was not his person that she did embrace and reverence, but, with a Platonic love, the divine beauty of his soul. 1897, Henry James, What Maisie Knew: The Captain, inclining his military person, sat sideways to be closer and kinder.

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