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The company is looking to shed around 1000, jobs as part of an efficiency drive. business / economic / operational efficiency. achieve/boost/improve efficiency The company invested substantial amounts of money upgrading the plant, and its workers agreed to flexible work rules that boosted efficiency.
Efficiency Definition.
Efficiency signifies a peak level of performance that uses the least amount of inputs to achieve the highest amount of output. Efficiency requires reducing the number of unnecessary resources used to produce a given output including personal time and energy.
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Useful work per quantity of energy, mechanical advantage over ideal mechanical advantage, often denoted by the Greek lowercase letter Eta.: Energy conversion efficiency. Thermal efficiency, ratio of work done to thermal energy consumed. Efficient energy use, the objective of maximising efficiency.
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Use efficiency in a Sentence. The efficiency of the production of cars was greatly improved by Henry Ford and his development of the assembly line, in which each worker performed a specific operation and then sent the car to the next worker.
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Learn More about efficiency. Post the Definition of efficiency to Facebook Share the Definition of efficiency on Twitter Time Traveler for efficiency. The first known use of efficiency was in 1633. See more words from the same year. Dictionary Entries near efficiency.
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The extent to which a resource, such as electricity, is used for the intended purpose; the ratio of useful work to energy expended. Antonyms: inefficiency, wastefulness. The efficiency of this loudspeaker is 40%. US A one-room apartment. Synonyms: efficiency apartment, bedsit UK, Ireland.

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