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Legit Definition of Legit by Merriam-Webster.
She's' legit" USA Today For all the crap Killington takes, it's' still one huge place with plenty of legit terrain and good skiers. d: conforming to recognized principles or accepted rules and standards He has a legit claim to a rematch.
Legit 2013 TV series Wikipedia.
1 The executive producers were Jefferies, O'Fallon, Rick Cleveland, and Lisa Blum. On March 28, 2013, Legit was renewed for a second season by FX and moved to FXX. 2 On May 14, 2014, it was announced that Legit, despite being highly acclaimed by critics, was cancelled due to low ratings, and would not return to FXX for a third season.
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legit Wiktionary.
slang Cool by virtue of being genuine. legit comparative more legit, superlative most legit. informal Legitimately; within the law. from 20th c. slang Honestly; truly; seriously. He legit thinks he can pass the test on zero sleep. That legit scared the hell out of me.

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