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EWA: Estimated Wins Added Value Added divided by 30, giving the estimated number of wins a player adds to a teams season total above what a replacement player would produce. Player Efficiency Rating PER League average: 15.0. What is PER?
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Also note that it is impossible to calculate PER at least in the conventional manner described above for NBA seasons prior to 1978, as the league did not keep track of turnovers among other advanced statistics before that year. Basketball" Reference PER."
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Property prices in the area have increased by an average of 20% per year over the last three years. The group posted earnings per share of 55.4p in the second quarter. per head/person Tickets cost 50 per person. per litre /million/ minute.
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Its most common and natural nonbusiness uses always involve figures, usually in relation to price 150 per performance, automobiles 32 miles per gallon 55 miles per hour, or sports. averages 15 points and 9 rebounds per game. Examples of per in a Sentence.
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per, divided by: per in Bárczi, Géza and László Országh: A magyar nyelv értelmez szótára The Explanatory Dictionary of the Hungarian Language. Budapest: Akadémiai Kiadó, 19591962. From Esperanto per, from English per, French par, Italian per, Spanish por, ultimately from Latin per, from Proto-Indo-European per.
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Share as per. Post the Definition of as per to Facebook Share the Definition of as per on Twitter Time Traveler for as per. The first known use of as per was in 1569. See more words from the same year.
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Look up PER, Per, per, or per in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Per is a Latin preposition which means through" or for" each, as in per capita. Per or PER may also refer to.: 2 Math and statistics. 4 Media and entertainment.

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