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A government has accountability for decisions and laws affecting its citizens; an individual has accountability for acts and behaviors. Sometimes, though, taking accountability means admitting you made a mistake. Punishment may result, but accountability shows ownership and a willingness to admit mistakes.
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ISLAMABAD: An accountability court on Friday summoned former president and Pakistan People's' Party PPP Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari, his sister Faryal Talpur, Hussain Lawai, Anwar Majeed and others, to appear in court on April 8 in the fake accounts case.A banking court had last week accepted the accountability watchdog's' plea to transfer the fake bank accounts case from Karachi to the accountability court in Islamabad for trial.
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Home Accountability, Research Measurement. Florida students are achieving more than they were two decades ago because of a robust education accountability system. In 2014, the Florida Department of Education chose new statewide assessments to ensure accurate measurement of student knowledge.
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Every good parent has a feeling of accountability for the acts of his children. Accountability, therefore, cannot be predicated of such phenomena. I was even less than Jack; had I been her brother I could have held him to accountability.
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greater/increased/more accountability The public has been demanding greater accountability from lawmakers. Definition of accountability from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary Cambridge University Press. Examples of accountability. Regularity means, in a strict sense, accountability by a symbolic rule or a recurrent pattern.
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Yesterday, Accountability Counsel and 40 global partners submitted a joint letter to the Executive Directors of the International Finance Corporation IFC and Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency MIGA, requesting the immediate disclosure of the long-awaited report of the external review of the IFC and MIGAs accountability framework and for a subsequent.
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And accountability partnerships can give off that vibe even though, as a functioning adult, you get to make your own choices. By adding an accountability partner to your life, youre simply increasing your odds of success. You dont want to lie to someone you respect.
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32 While scholars who study democratic theory emphasize the role of elections in ensuring accountability, 33 34 35 36 37 another strand of scholars investigates non-electoral forms of accountability in democracies and non-democracies 38 39 40 41 and the conditions that make unelected leaders represent the interests of the general public.
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We are proud members of initiatives such as Accountable Now and the International Aid Transparency Initiative IATI and we adhere to the Global Standard for CSO accountability. Our Programme Accountability Framework summarises that we seek to be accountable to the children and communities we serve.
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In his February Giving Compass blog post, a monthly blog with advice for philanthropists called Mutual Accountability, our chief executive David Bonbright discusses how local civil society and philanthropy organizations responded to voiced needs after Hurricane Maria, in Puerto Rico.
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We are experts in agency financial management and can help drive your performance. AccountAbility is the financial management platform built exclusively for agencies. Designed to be the foundation for your agencys financial operations, its a platform that easily integrates with other best-in-class solutions. Copyright 2020 AccountAbility All Rights Reserved.
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Accountability is the obligation to explain, justify, and take responsibility for ones actions. Accountability is the state of being accountable, meaning responsible for something or obligated to answer to someone, such as a person with more authority, like a boss.

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